This American Blood started as a simple conversation between friends. A few words, a few laughs, and some personal reflection would grow into an idea centered on challenging the narrative surrounding veterans.

Serving together as Reconnaissance Marines, the trio remained close following their service. Life after the military held a new set of challenges, and each of them struggled in their own way. After coming to terms with their experiences and finding their own place in civilian life, they noticed that “veteran and patriotic culture” is awash with a common theme: Lots of noise but little substance, coupled with an attitude that perpetuates the harmful stigmas that have taken hold within the community. This realization led them to create a brand tailored to a different lifestyle, one that is proud—but not loud—of one’s status as an American.

At This American Blood, we seek to provide an alternative notion of what it means to be a patriot. We want to draw the attention away from the echo chambers and fragile egos to those who can have the difficult conversations without making enemies and work to better their communities every day. We want to highlight the true the ambition, creativity, and tenacity the American spirit possesses. We embrace what makes us all different, but most importantly we celebrate the shared values that bring us together with our fellow Americans:


Hard work.



These are qualities this country was built upon.

They are a part of us, a part of our blood—This American Blood.